Thursday, June 24, 2010

Flight....slightly late....

They are on the plane, but 15th in line to depart Houston.  Looks like they will be around 30 minutes late...more as I hear!

Safe and Sound through Houston!

They made their connection and are on the way to Jackson! 

Buen Viaje!

They made it to Continental check-in at the Merida airport and soon will be in Houston for their second passport stamp!  It has been a GREAT journey, and you will be hearing lots more about it as we get more video and pictures edited and posted.  Personally, I had an amazing trip with a great group of people!  Thank you!  I will let you know as I hear more about the trip...although I am sure your phones will be ringing soon!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010


We are running like crazy!  As we keep promising, there is so much to tell, but we have had so little time to actually tell it!  We just got back from a day at the are a couple of pictures to give you an idea of what that was like....

We will keep updating after the students have made it home safe and sound.  Also, I am creating a Facebook page for many of the pictures that we aren't posting on here so you all can see the adventures.

As for tonight, the students are getting ready to go out to a very nice dinner at my personal favorite restaurant "Pancho's".  Before that, however, we are headed to a private movie screening theatre (seats about 20) to watch the video that our videographer made of the first day and to view some of the pictures from the trip.  Then off to dinner.  Again, I promise, MUCH more to come!