Friday, June 18, 2010

Strip Search of Millsaps Faculty Member....

Well we made it through security...most of us.  It started with a search of the metal cylindrical objects in Allen's bag and elevated to a FULL check of Patrick our "clean cut" addition from Student Life.  Then there's Harvey Dent. Mallory's bag was thouroghly searched for drugs and WMDs since we are teenagers and we must have drugs and weapons of all kinds. (Connor wrote this and conveniently left out the fact that he is the ONLY one who ACTUALLY brought a weapon to the airport!) Looking at our posse rolling down the street you would think we're, "straight outta Compton". But I digress, we're finally going to Mexico; I hope very much there is less humidty. I am so EXCITED!!!!!!! Yay Mexico!

(Collaborative Effort Blog - Signed "The Posse"


  1. WMD...Mal have you been watching too much NCIS?

  2. Adios Amigos! Deja que los buenos momentos pasen!!!