Thursday, June 24, 2010

Flight....slightly late....

They are on the plane, but 15th in line to depart Houston.  Looks like they will be around 30 minutes late...more as I hear!

Safe and Sound through Houston!

They made their connection and are on the way to Jackson! 

Buen Viaje!

They made it to Continental check-in at the Merida airport and soon will be in Houston for their second passport stamp!  It has been a GREAT journey, and you will be hearing lots more about it as we get more video and pictures edited and posted.  Personally, I had an amazing trip with a great group of people!  Thank you!  I will let you know as I hear more about the trip...although I am sure your phones will be ringing soon!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010


We are running like crazy!  As we keep promising, there is so much to tell, but we have had so little time to actually tell it!  We just got back from a day at the are a couple of pictures to give you an idea of what that was like....

We will keep updating after the students have made it home safe and sound.  Also, I am creating a Facebook page for many of the pictures that we aren't posting on here so you all can see the adventures.

As for tonight, the students are getting ready to go out to a very nice dinner at my personal favorite restaurant "Pancho's".  Before that, however, we are headed to a private movie screening theatre (seats about 20) to watch the video that our videographer made of the first day and to view some of the pictures from the trip.  Then off to dinner.  Again, I promise, MUCH more to come!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

La comida en el camino!

So while having an extended stay in Mexico, we have all experienced the unique foods and combinations. Trolibuses the first night followed by a wide selection of sorbets. Guacamole EVERYWHERE!! Salbutes (circular corn tortilla topped with pulled smoked chicken and tomatoes.) with Ruby's homemade hot sauce. This sauce consisted of Serrano and Habanaro Peppers!! My favorite main dish was the Poc Chuc which was basically Pork smoked and grilled to perfection, topped with cabbage, tomato, avocado, and all saturated in sour orange juice (YUMM-O). For breakfast we have had fresh fruit (mangoes, watermelon, pineapple and some not so successful Papaya) and American pancakes with Honey! Cactus taco (yes spikes removed) and Cochinita (Pork) and potato tacos. Marquisates (crepes with Nutella and/or edam cheese - thing chocolate cheesecake - GRO D) were a festival favorite! Fizz Pops and Sponch were the travelling road snacks.... Fizz Pops are delicious but the Sponch.... we don't recommend it. :) Chocolate Mole, churos - chocolate and cinnamon sugar, homemade coco ice cream, queso relleno (think cheese explosion), habanero sauce on every table, then movie food....sandwiches, classy popcorn, and warmish sushi! As far as drinks go jamica tea, limonada (con gas), orchata (some rice, sugar and milk drink), mexican Coke (way sweet!), and the infamous "Jug" of water the boys have been carrying for the past few days.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Another Fish Tale....

Sunday Marathon!

The day....whew!  We started this morning with a leisurely breakfast and some great hanging out.  This was the prelude to our greatest cultural experience ever - WAL MART!!!!  We spent some great quality time wandering the isles and searching for gifts for our visit to the Tecax orphanage tomorrow. 

Then off to the ruins of Uxmal!  Starting with a tour with Jorge, a few iguana chases, and ending with a race up the pyramid! (not down.....)  Amazing pics to follow when we are not on satellite Internet!

From Uxmal, we had a hair raising ride to the bio cultural reserve of Kaxil Kiuic.....imagine a one lane road through hill country, but take a few feet off each side and no stripe in the middle........

Kiuic: after dousing in "Off", we set out for a hike up the observation tower 50 feet above the jungle floor....the view...again, amazing!  Pictures to follow, of course! 

Finally, dinner!  Salbuts (puffed tortillas with lettuce, grilled chicken, guac, tomato salsa, and hot sauce) and hibiscus tea!  Now...ghost stories!

Feliz Dia del Padre!

Wow...what a fish.....

Yesterday, I became engaged to a large fish head in the fish market.

The Walk from Hell (Monday, June 19)

Dear ICAP followers,

This is our first full day of fun in the blazing sun in the beautiful city of Merida! Oh boy, was it a walk.

Today was indeed full as we toured all sorts of cultural locations as well as dine in some local establishments (or you know…carts…). We started our day with a thorough tour of some of the historic churches/cathedrals within "walking distance" of our Casa Millsaps. Also, during this outing we had our first experience in the open market where everything from bootleg DVDs and puppies to switchblades and giant fish heads were sold.

Afterwards, we had a nice respite from the sun and dined at a great sit-down restaurant. Don’t worry, these guys were ready for the 13 gringos that visited them. Armed with giant sombreros and some fake rifles, these guys made our first lunch in Mexico very memorable. (P.S. get the pastor tacos!)

Well, with such full tummies we were in no condition to walk all the way back to nuestro casa. This led to our first encounter with Merida’s public transportation system. The donkeys were so slooooow!

Just kidding (haha), the bus driver drove like an angry cabbie from New York trying to break mach 3.

Back at home we all changed for the beach…and took a siesta. We wanted to be really cultural.

The beach was quite eventful, but unfortunately I lost publishing rights of these events from my peers. Hopefully, some other ICAPer fill you in on the invasion of la diabla blanca con pelo de fuego!

Of course, we continued our activities all the way until 10:30 P.M., eating at more local “establishments” and shopping at local “stores” on the Paseo.

On the whole, today was a marvelous start to what will amount to a marvelous trip.



Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bienvenidos a Merida!

We arrived in Merida last night and were herded like cattle through customs. Once again, Allen had to have his bags checked, but Patrick avoided a second cavity search (he was thankful since he was still walking a little funny from the first one). Harvey had some of us sit on the floor in the airport while others ran errands for him while he waited for the van. (We might end up being his slaves while we're here. We'll let you know if he requires us to feed him grapes and fan him with palm fronds while he rests in a hammock.) After whizzing through the dark Mexican streets, while listening to Spanish techno, we pulled up to Casa Millsaps, unloaded, and prepared to cruise the Mexican streets. It was after 10:00 p.m. when we took off, but apparently it is the norm to eat dinner later in the evening, so we were on track to adjusting to Merida time. Harvey led us to a restauant (La Reina de Montjeo) where we had trolebuses. Trolebuses are fruity drinks that are a cross between a smoothie and a slushy. They are unbelieveable and we think the Millsaps cafeteria should start offering them during meals. As we slurpped down our drinks we had some walking salesmen stop by looking to sell us lovely fans and fragrent roses, but we purchased none of their goods. When we returned to the house we visited for a while and made sure everybody was settled and pleased with their accomodations. By 4:00 a.m. everybody was finally asleep and resting for our big day on Saturday.

The first morning we woke up to a wonderful breakfast of fruit cereal and yogurt and the best coffee ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We all sat down with large plates of fruit and began with the papaya. Allen was the only one who was able to put a name to its special taste: cat.... A few of us ate it and did not have to spit it out so if we get sick later today that is why. And then Anne and Elizabeth came to eat last and they enjoyed our special fruit. Of special note, the warm milk was a refreshing addition to our awakening....ahhh the culture!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Welcome to MEXICO!

After a long trip through customs, everyone made it in PERFECT FORM!  Some new passports are now broken in and we have checked into the Millsaps House!    We are headed out for a cold fruit drink and will be back later tonight and in the morning to provide more updates....HAVING A BLAST!

Strip Search of Millsaps Faculty Member....

Well we made it through security...most of us.  It started with a search of the metal cylindrical objects in Allen's bag and elevated to a FULL check of Patrick our "clean cut" addition from Student Life.  Then there's Harvey Dent. Mallory's bag was thouroghly searched for drugs and WMDs since we are teenagers and we must have drugs and weapons of all kinds. (Connor wrote this and conveniently left out the fact that he is the ONLY one who ACTUALLY brought a weapon to the airport!) Looking at our posse rolling down the street you would think we're, "straight outta Compton". But I digress, we're finally going to Mexico; I hope very much there is less humidty. I am so EXCITED!!!!!!! Yay Mexico!

(Collaborative Effort Blog - Signed "The Posse"

The Yucatan!

We are heading to our final USA lunch in just a few minutes and then off to the airport!  I hope we will be able to catch up on some of the blog posts from the airport and airplane so you can see all about last week....but in the meantime, just to make you all a little is a video of the Yucatan that came out in May!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

No Speaka Espanish

O.k. so we start every day with Spanish class.....Professor Judith Caballero has given lessons on food, culture, and various "other" conversations.....Well, yesterday she served some sort of food to the class.  All I can say is it was some sort of almost black gelatinous fruit thing, but it turned out pretty good. Can't exactly remember the Spanish word for it.  I don't have my cheat sheet, but it was a fruit called quince in English.  Today, Judith raised the level to Spanish Torture.....particularly against Harrison!  (see the second video below)  I'll let you be the judge:

More to follow about the Spanish class....and some Machismo walking ability! - Allen...yes, we are going to find that video and post that one!  Lucky you, it is currently lost in the camera somewhere!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Baseball Night!

Off to the Baseball Game!  Meeting the mascot (whatever he is), winning $50, the Seventh Inning Stretch, and our departure celebration dance....check it out.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Welcome to Millsaps College's ICAP 2010 Blog!  We have a great group of students this year...and to all parents, thank you again! Our Blog has officially here we go:

So Monday: PLAY!  After families headed out, we checked out our rooms and headed out for a campus tour.  The afternoon was BLAZING, so we headed to the gym and, to ease the Mississippi heat, THE POOL!  We then followed up with a rush to head to the Jackson Braves!  More Pics and videos to follow, but welcome!!!!